OPEN Doors Movement
OPEN Doors Movement
Awakening Champions, Bringing Dreams to Life.

A dream of Victory.

We are a 501(c)(3) that aims to OPEN Doors to a New World of Opportunities for students and their families by providing them with laptops and other technologies to aid their education. Founded in 2016 by Adrian Martinca and his sister Miriam, as the charitable arm of A.M.-Technologies, Adrian’s for-purpose technology company that extends its connections and resources to empower students and families in need.

“To our family, technology was a key to freedom, for us to overcome our obstacles and make steps towards achieving our dreams and aspirations.”  – Adrian Martinca

The Power of Family

Miriam and Adrian are siblings that came from a family that believes in the power of dreams so much that they sacrificed everything they had. Our parents left our home in Slovakia to go to Canada, and then the United States, in pursuit of our freedom to dream.

Adrian Martinca

Founder and Chairman

Miriam Martincova


David (Tres) Kane

Product Engineering

Rob Webb

Video Production

Brett Henderson

Asset Recovery & Logistics

Haoran (Jacky) Shi

Software Engineering

Rob Schmidt

Systems and Marketing

Joseph Erba

Entrepreneurship Education

Neil Rodriguez

Technology Resources

Scott Abdul-Salaam

Strategic Partnerships

Bob Akers

Electronics Handling Counsel

Peter Stabile

Cyber & Network Security

A letter from 2018.

Our Founder’s Story

When we look to technology as a gateway to understanding, we open doors to a future of unlimited potential for our children.” – Adrian Martinca 

 I was raised in a family centered on instilling self-confidence and faith in one’s vision for their life which armed me with the determination and strength to move forward and find solutions. At the age of 13, I took on the challenge of becoming an entrepreneur. I started my own computer business called, A.M.-Technologies.  As my company expanded across the east coast I discovered that while the world of technology is available to everyone it is not always equally accessible. So I worked to create affordable resources for families and businesses that, up to that point, viewed the access to technology as being out of reach. As time passed and the company grew, so did the realization that many families, specifically children, are stuck in the darkness created by lost access to technology.

I made it my mission to provide Equal Access through the not-for-profit I founded called Technology for the Future (T4TF). Through our OPEN Doors Movement (OPEN stands for Opportunity Pathways Enhancing the Nations) I am determined to show students that we have faith in them and confidence in their potential to reach their dreams when we give them the tools to connect and believe in themselves. 

While I have funded T4TF out of my own resources for a long time, my faith in communities is  unwavering. I believe as more people see my vision come to life and recognize the possibilities, they will stand together with us and support us for the benefit of the children everywhere. Our goal is to ensure that more than 1 million children have the tools they need to connect. Together we will change the world!

Our motto is  “We are here to OPEN Doors for Equal Access by connecting students to a world of united opportunities through safe and reliable use of technology”. I am challenging community leaders, corporations, organizations and everyone to join our OPEN Doors Movement and help to open doors of opportunity for our students so that they may have equal access to their unlimited potential.   

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