OPEN Doors Movement
OPEN Doors Movement
Awakening Champions, Bringing Dreams to Life.

Dreams are in danger!

Victory has detected the Erebus (darkness) on planet Earth. A creature that stops human dreams, ideas, and imagination. 

The Erebus uses mindless technology that to cause you to lose sight of the power of your imagination; what you could be, how you could help empower others, and your freedom to imagine the future, your dream."

Victory's Plan

Awaken Champions

We all have a Champion inside of us. Use the Dream Guide Workbook as a tool to awaken someone's inner Champion, and bring their dream to life. 

Celebrate Dreams

Dreams are worth celebrating. Believeing in one another's dreams protects the future. Dreams create opportunities to share our paths to victory.

Unite Humanity

Dreams create common ground and a true victory for all. They are our key to embracing a new freedom; releasing fear, and doubt of the future.

​"Champions empower kids to believe in their dreams."

"The World's Greatest Gift is a gift that shows a child's dream matters to you.

Give a Laptop - Inspire Dreams


Give Monthly

Make a monthly contribution to support our effort to awaken champions, and bring dreams to life.

Awaken Dreams

Use the Dream Guide Workbooks to awaken champions, and bring dreams to life.

Give Technology

Donate new, used, broken, or scrap electronics and our certified team will transform them into fuel to awaken dreams.

Community Champions

Awaken Champions and bring dreams to life in your community with the help of our toolkit.

Social Impact Champions

Social impact is one of the most influential qualities of modern day brands. Let's create social impact together

Corporate Champions​

Create an impact through your resources, or simply empower and equip students of your employees and clients.

Our Story - Episode 1

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