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Are you passionate about making a difference in your community and looking for ways to earn money while doing it? Look no further than our Champion Network! As a Champion, you'll be making a direct impact by helping kids realize their dreams and uniting communities around the dreams our children create.

To support your efforts, we're dedicating up to 25% of the funds you generate as a recurring payment to fuel your marketing and advocacy initiatives. This way, you can focus on creating positive change while also earning money. Join us in building a brighter future for all - become a Champion today!

What is the Champion Network?

Your community, followers, and friends will appreciate learning how they can help kids in their community realize their dreams with the help of the Dream Guide and other tools we have to offer. The OPEN Doors Movement is a collective committed to protecting the future and ensuring all families have equal access to the future. For every Champion your recruit into the movement not only will we provide them with resources, but we will provide you up to 25% of the subscription price paid to help us grow the movement. You are the key to our success, and every great movement begins with of the subscription price paid to help us grow the movement. You are the key to our success, and every great movement begins with great people just like you!

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How it works

When one Champion you recruit contributes $9 this month, you earn $2.25 dollars. When you recruit a 1000 Champions who pay $9 this month, you get $2250 dollars this month. The more Champions you awaken to help kids realize their dreams, and the longer they participate, the more you will earn, up to 25% every month. 

The POWER OF 3 is a grass roots strategy that can enable you to reach a 1000 Champions in less than 14 days time. This means that for every one champion you recruit you ask for three more personal referrals to reach out to.

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Start helping kids realize their dreams, and earning up to 25% for your advocacy.

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Champion Dashboard

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Champion Resources at your fingertips.

Get access to a whole dashboard of resources to help you advocate the OPEN Doors Movement and reach children and families in need.

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Unique Champion Links

Anyone who joins the Champion Network gets immediate access to shareable links.

Your Champion links work as soon as you sign up for the Champion Network.

Access our exclusive Champion Dashboard and resources to empower your community.

Marketing Materials

Get immediate access to a library of marketing materials, as well as posts to share directly to social media, email, text, and more.

Graphics, social media images, and other digital assets ready for sharing.

Social media posts, emails, and more with your unique Champion Link pre-added in.

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Track Your Impact

Get immediate notifications when your marketing efforts are paying off.

See your earnings and track your impact immediately in the dashboard.

Manage your leads, and see the Champions you recruited.

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